In September last year, I wrote about using professional photography for blogs, so in this ‘love’ focussed month, I decided to talk about what you might photograph related to love if you are blogging on this theme in February. There are several Awareness Days this month that link to ‘love’ and the blogs you write can be about you personally or your business or [ read more ]


Planning for your own ‘stock’ photographs for 2023

Owning your own portfolio of professional photographs for your business is a must if you want to appear professional and stand out from the crowd. Too often, companies use stock images for their business.  They use them for their website, for blogs, for social media posts - in fact for everything. Occasionally people are caught out, because the image they have used is not [ read more ]

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This year has passed by unbelievably fast, and I can’t believe how much I’ve managed to fit in.  I hope next year continues in the same vein. My photography year has been quite diverse in terms of what I have photographed: People - headshots, team shots, portraits. Interior and exterior - AirBNB, landscaped gardens, working farms. Products for both e-commerce and catalogue products. A [ read more ]

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The Rise of the Drone!

Drones are becoming more and more common for photography businesses to include them as a separate service for their clients. I’m no different. Recently, I’ve teamed up with Sims Parker & Kidd, who are professional CAA approved drone pilots, based in Swindon. Together, we can tackle most filming and photographic requirements literally from the ground up! Using drones in my business, I’ve been able [ read more ]

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One of the main skills of a photographer is the capture the best image of a scene, or a moment in time. Add to this the ability to notice things that many non-photographers don’t notice, like telegraph poles, lamps, car aerials or trees growing out a person’s head; people or extraneous objects in the background – all objects that shouldn’t appear in the image [ read more ]

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The Value of Professional Photography for Blogs!

Many businesses write blogs these days to show expertise, share hints and tips and talk about their services or products yet often where do they get their accompanying photographs? Some use online ‘free’ copyright websites (not Google images -  they are not copyright free).  However, if you are using them, there is nothing to stop everyone else from using them too. And it’s quite [ read more ]

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Did you know I regularly donate platelets and plasma?

Something you will probably not know about me is, I donate Platelets. Have you even heard of such a thing? You are probably now wondering what platelets and plasma are…   What are Platelets and Plasma? Platelets are the tiny gold-coloured cells in your blood which help it clot and stop bleeding. People who have cancer, or who have lost a lot of blood [ read more ]

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Celebrating my 15th business birthday as a professional photographer!

Did you know that at MoorePhotographics.com I’m celebrating 15 years in business, and that has to be worth a ‘happy dance’! I enjoyed photography as a child, even though it was during the time when you had to develop your film, and you simply weren’t sure what images you’d captured until the film was printed. Growing up, I. actually wanted to be a physicist, [ read more ]

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10 Reasons why team shots matter in business…

Unless you are a one-man or woman-band, the team you have around you are the people that help grow your business, so you need to celebrate them, and introduce them to your clients and potential clients. Frankly, people are at the heart of the success of any business and making them feel part of a team, valued and of value is hugely important. Even [ read more ]

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Ten Reasons Agricultural & Farming Businesses Need Professional Photography

Farming has changed over the last decades, with new ways of working, the introduction of new breeds, and the use of smarter machinery. There are also many types of farms. For some it is about working with one type of animal, or they may only grow one type of crop; for others it might be all about diversification with several income streams. Some farms [ read more ]

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