I bet you think there is typo in this post and I mean 2023…

No, I don’t. What I mean is – now is the time to be planning images to use in your business when you are approaching Christmas 2024 – if Christmas is highly relevant to your service-based or product-based business.

Why?  Because, now you are likely to have your office/ home decorated with Christmas decorations.  Therefore, if you have a photoshoot this month, you’ll have lots of seasonal props readily at hand to use in your shoot for this year AND NEXT.

Then you’ll have a range of photos to use for next year and if you haven’t got your photos for 2023, then you’ve left it too late.

Here are a few businesses which might need to take this suggestion very seriously:

*Businesses offering festive-related workshops or retreats.
*Gift-based businesses.
*Food and drink based businesses
*Festive fashion

And so on…

8 different ideas for Christmas related images.

You can plan for:

  1. Social media. Capture pictures that of you, your team, if you have one, and your products in different fun ways, that are perfect for social media posts. A fun idea, if you have products, might be to have fun images of staff holding/wearing/ displaying your products, wearing something Christmassy! Post them on the 12 days (or however many you choose), leading up to Christmas Day.
  2. Seasonal images that can be added leading up to Christmas. Your website, can always have a temporary Christmas style, or for any other season for that matter. You can create ‘festive’ versions of your usual imagery and just swap it out when the festive season starts for you!
  3. New photos product or service photos ready for Christmas brochures. You might have special offers of either your service or product, and this is a good time to capture photos. You may already have similar offers this year, but if you have different photos, and alter your wording slightly, for 2024, people won’t necessarily notice, because they’ll be drawn in by the wonderful images.
  4. New fun portraits wearing Christmas jumpers, Christmas hats, or clothes in greens and reds to suggest Christmas. Whatever suits the characters, your type of business and your brand. If you have changes in personnel, they won’t necessarily work for next year– but they will be good for a team business Christmas card, if you can get them taken in time.  Or if you are having an event for clients – would look good on the invite, which can be digital – as can a business Christmas card. And they’ll be great for social media posts during the season.
  5. Product photos with Christmas decorations as props – tree decorations, mini trees, Santa Claus models, reindeer, elves, candles, baubles, Christmas wrapped presents; Christmas cards, Christmas food and drink, and Christmas plants – holly, Poinsettias, mistletoe – whatever suits your product or brand.
  6. If you have products, create Christmas bundles that you can photo – with new festive packaging.
  7. Photos for invites to any Christmas events you are going to organise. You don’t have to have your staff on them. You can use some of the Christmas pictures to enhance printed invites etc. Alternative, run a Christmas countdown with fund images of the staff.
  8. Think about props that link with Christmas words: peace; sparkle; family; gifts/giving; a robin; Christmas wrapping paper; decoration; birth etc. Depending on your type of business, you could write a blog using one of the images – Hoping for Peace this Christmas; The meaning of family at this time etc.

If you’ve not started to plan images for Christmas 2023, you are rather late – however, I’m sure I could help you capture some great photos to use this year, and some you can use next year too.

Please get in contact soon, so that I can book in a Christmas photoshoot for you and your business as soon as possible- neil@moore-photographics.com