Moore Photographic’s studio is based in Marlborough, near Swindon.

Whether on location or within the studio, I offer a range of professional photography services throughout the UK and overseas.

The photographic assignments I undertake are approached in a relaxed and friendly way, where exceeding your expectations is always my top priority.
If you need to discuss your project and need a quick quote call me on or email :
01672 519101.

– Our many photographic disciplines include –

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Did you know I regularly donate platelets and plasma?

Something you will probably not know about me is, I donate Platelets. Have you even heard of such a thing? You are probably now wondering what platelets and plasma are…   What are Platelets and Plasma? Platelets are the tiny gold-coloured cells in your blood which help it clot and stop bleeding. People who have cancer, or who have lost a lot of blood after an accident, organ transplant or surgery can also be helped by platelet transfusions. Plasma [ read more ]

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