Farming has changed over the last decades, with new ways of working, the introduction of new breeds, and the use of smarter machinery.

There are also many types of farms. For some it is about working with one type of animal, or they may only grow one type of crop; for others it might be all about diversification with several income streams. Some farms are huge, covering thousands of acres, and some are much smaller.

A range of professional photographs showing the change of seasons and day to day life raises the visibility of the farm to those in the local community and further afield.

For many people farm life can seem quite alien and being able to see how their food products are grown, or how livestock are cared for, can be educational as well as reassuring. A range of images on a farm website will bring the people, the business and the landscape in which it sits – to life.

Ten reasons for employing a professional photographer:

  1. The main reason for having professional photography is to have powerful, bold and extraordinary images of farm life, which won’t be captured by a mobile phone, or someone who doesn’t understand how to use light and get the correct exposure to capture moving vehicles or animals. These images will be the marketing resources for websites and any future fliers, or marketing materials.
  1. Great images can capture what is particular about the way your crops are grown, including any processes that are different. Whether grown organically or traditionally, close up images of beautiful, fresh luscious crops, or ears of corn, fields of crops blowing in the wind – they all draw people in. They will want to come and buy your food as people buy emotionally.
  1. Creating wonderful images for marketing a farm shop, or a pick your own service or even a glamping or caravan site on your land. Images of families picking fruit together, or piles of appetising fruit vegetables, and other products such as, cheese, butter, eggs etc. will encourage people to visit and buy!
  1. In the UK we love our animals, so images of the different livestock. Both close ups and wide angle, showing them out in the countryside, in their natural habitat. Also, capture images of working animals, such as sheep dogs working with the sheep, and working alongside the farmer. These images drive online engagement and extend your reach.
  1. Rare breeds and more unusual animals are becoming more popular too. People love to see different types of sheep, pigs, cows, hens, alpaca and many more. The farm might have special event open days, where visitors can interact with the various animals. Images showing these events will capture the fun and atmosphere of the day.
  1. Farm machinery is a huge part of modern farming. Images of the vehicles in use, show their importance to the day to day working of the farm.   A photographer can capture dramatic images of the machinery working.  Night time shots during harvest, crops being cut, or crops being sown; fields being ploughed. Close ups shots of plough blades, seeds bursting out of machinery as it moves down the field spreading the seeds.
  1. Changing Seasons. Capturing the changing seasons throughout the year, and the impact on your crops or animals. Things such as harvest time; pumpkins piled high to sell for Halloween; ploughing fields; spring lambing; feeding animals during the winter snow…
  1. Capturing your farm workers, who may well be people who live in the local community. Other locals will enjoy seeing their friends or family on the farm website, and also when you have visitors to the farm they will look familiar, if they’ve visited the website beforehand. Being able to see the workers shows them as belonging and part of the team.
  1. The landscape of farm. The local countryside is an integral part of any farm, whether they are in the gently rolling hills of the English countryside, or further north, set between dry-stone walls, and rocky outcrops. Images showing where the farm is set is also part of the whole marketing process, and helps draw people in to want to know more.
  1. We all know that farm workers have long days, so having a range of images showing the different times of day and the types of jobs that have to be done in the dark early mornings, and the late evenings. This tells the story of the entirety of a farm day. The cows being milked… eggs collected, animals being fed in fields.

If you would like images to show the amazing stories behind your farm, please get in touch: Contact Us