Over the last two years, many businesses have been in great flux. We haven’t been able to have large events, or large gatherings, but now as these events are beginning to take place again, capturing the joy and buzz of them is important. One of the best way to do that is through pictures, both amateur (in the moment) and professional (often to promote the quality of subsequent events).

Employing a professional photographer to photograph your event is a great asset, if only to provide you with amazing images to remind people who you and your business are, and that you’re back! And to allow you to show case what’s coming next.

Ten reasons why a professional photographer is a great asset at an event. Based around things opening up again…

  1. Showcase the event. Professional photographers know how to capture products, people, food – all the things you may find at a business event. They take their time to watch, look around, find the best angles, the best light, the most interesting backgrounds, etc. They can capture images of speakers well, making sure they get people with eyes open and not with their mouths wide open, like a fish! They watch and are ready for the important moments during the event, and by the end you will have, expert, hi res images, rather than just those taken on your mobile phone.
  1. The range of images you will have after an event, means you can add them to your business images portfolio. You then have useable images ready for future marketing, both physical and online: brochures, social media; for local and nation media if required. Also for any future events to attract new attendees.
  1. When people are captured in an image at an event, and they are given access to the photos, it helps their credibility too, so you are helping your clients and other business owners too.
  1. You can offer an option for people to have a headshot or two taken during the event, at a reduced price (agreed by you and the photographer beforehand), and even agree to pay for pictures of clients you are working with, which is all good for goodwill and spreading the good name of your business.
  1. Depending on your business, you can hold events in your own premises, or hire amazing venues, where you can showcase the work you do, or showcase the equipment you use and showcase the venue – or your working environment.
  1. If you are running a charitable event, capturing images of the different people attending is good for local media. People will be more than happy to be seen giving their time, and hopefully money to support local charities.
  1. Some events, like awards’ ceremonies, or events taking place at a prestigious venue are worth planning with the photographer beforehand, to ensure you capture the right people, the right places in the venue. Having photos from events like this are useful for your credibility.
  1. Product launch shots are a definite reason to employ a professional photographer, because apart from the other photos that will be taken of the products themselves at another time, capturing the event and the people at the event will be important for everyone involved.
  1. Excellent professional photographs taken with care, rather than just leaving it to the people attending the event to capture everything on their mobile phones, is so important for your business credibility and visibility online. Yes, pictures of the moment, by guests on their own social media are fine, and works for them, but for the person running the event, professional photos are far more important.
  1. The other thing about a professional photographer, they are not there to enjoy themselves. The problem with asking someone from the office, or a ‘friend’ to photograph the event is, they will get to a point where they see everyone else enjoying themselves, having drinks, chatting – and they’ll lose interest in taking photos! A professional photographer can’t afford to do that!