Unless you are a one-man or woman-band, the team you have around you are the people that help grow your business, so you need to celebrate them, and introduce them to your clients and potential clients.

Frankly, people are at the heart of the success of any business and making them feel part of a team, valued and of value is hugely important. Even if that person is just ‘you’.

Photos of your team members, on a ‘meet the team’ page of a website, for example, is a great place for them to be seen.

Team photos are useful because:

  1. They show the company personality. Help to make you seem friendly and inviting. Shows your culture, your style, attitude, diversity and age. People are interested in knowing who they are going to work with.
  1. People like to associate a name to a face rather than just receive random emails or be given an impersonal phone number. If they can see photos of the people they regularly talk to, it helps to make a much more personal connection.
  1. Alongside the photos, if it is appropriate, adding a short bio, or some fun facts about each member of the team helps keep people reading, staying on the web page longer.
  1. They show the dress code of the team. The photos don’t all have to look exactly the same, but they should have a similar ‘feel’, be taken against the same background, and be on brand. Team members don’t all have to face the same way either. That removes people’s personalities, and also people often have a preference to the side of face they give to the camera.
  1. Not only potential clients look at your site, potential new recruits do too. For them to be able to see the team helps them decide by looking at the staff if the company is a good match for them, in terms of age, gender and ethnicity. Welcoming images will help.
  1. If team members have their own headshots, they can use them on their LinkedIn profile, which also helps add to the company brand consistency.
  1. Over the last two years, many companies have worked from home, so when someone new joins the team, for them to be able to see pictures of the rest of the team, before an online meeting is useful.
  1. Headshots taken in a range of spaces in your business – in the office, outside, with equipment etc also adds to the range of images you can build up for your ‘image portfolio’, where you can pick photos for other marketing purposes.
  1. Some action or fun shots of each of the team are always useful for social media posts. They can be used to spotlight employees, or celebrate staff milestones, or new events. Shots of staff interacting either with each other or with clients are also useful.
  1. If your staff have a few different headshots, both formal and informal, they can also be useful when needed for local, or national media- if someone has won an award, or if they are giving a talk at an industry event etc.

One of the worst things on any website are generic stock shots of people who do not have any relationship at all to your business. It’s alarmingly common that people reach for stockshots and it fools few. People, especially in the SME sector – want to know WHO they are dealing with.

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