For many businesses, the location of their business or if they regularly undertake work outdoors, is something worth showcasing on their website, in their marketing literature and even, occasionally, in their media relations.

For some businesses, it’s all about location, location, location.

Alongside the images you may take randomly on your mobile phone cameras, a range of professional shots will be a great asset – if your premises or location is very important to your product, service or expertise.

Ten reasons why businesses may benefit from having exterior shots:

  1. The building: There are several older properties around the country that house business centres, and these are also often set in beautiful grounds. This may be the type of property where your business is situated.  This type of space can also look wonderful with the changing seasons eg. In autumn, when it’s snowing and that draws the eye and provokes strong emotions. Alternatively, your business may be housed in an ultra-modern building, which will also be interesting for clients to see. Your venue can add a lot of personality or prestige to your business.

Also, having an image of your business premises, always helps people when they are visiting – having already seen a photo helps them find you.

  1. Working farms, industrial sites, builders: these types of business can often look messy or disorganised to outsiders. If the owner or members of staff take a photograph, they probably won’t notice if there are bits of machinery, rubble, buckets – all tools of the trade in the background which can deflect from the main thing you want to focus on. Professional photographers are used to looking for these distractions, and can either move them, or move whatever is being photographed slightly, so the distractions are omitted from the finished photo, allowing the viewer to focus on what is important to you.
  1. Holiday venues:  Images of glamping sites, holiday cottages and other types of holiday businesses are essential for people want to attract visitors. They need to see the lovely venue, the beautiful surroundings and the luxury and layout of the accommodation. Professional images will make these businesses stand out from the crowd, and are vital to draw people in.
  1. Stables, kennels & catteries:  Our pets are it seems, more or as important to us as family members!  In 2020, people in the UK spent £7.9 million on their pets. Therefore, to leave our beloved pets in the care of strangers is difficult. Showing images of happy animals, in clean, fresh and green spaces; horses being groomed and ridden; dogs, walked and at play; cats, in their outdoor space, alongside images of them being well cared for, is essential to instil confidence and to bring in that new customer.
  1. Marine companies; many of us don’t have access to the sea, so having a range of photographs showing your boats in water helps to build the dream you want them to buy. Focus on the parts of the business you want to clients to gravitate towards. If boat repairs is something you offer, then images of a well-run boat yard, showing all of the equipment used will help to give clients confidence you can do the job.
  1. Wedding cars/vintage cars: A range of images ready ‘dressed’ for weddings, photographed at different venues will help potential wedding couples imagine themselves arriving at their wedding in one of your cars. Or you might have vehicles suitable for ‘proms’ or similar occasions. Your images need to tempt people to pick up the phone and make that booking.
  1. Event planning/marquees: clients need to see the different types of events you can provide for, therefore images of different types of conference set ups, a variety of styles for layouts for weddings or large parties,  using props and possibly, in collaboration with other suppliers who you work with, will help people with their vision. Not everyone can paint a picture in their minds – you need to do it for them.
  1. Outdoor fitness action shots. It is difficult to capture good, in focus images of people moving. If you run outdoor fitness clubs, or services, it is well worth employing a professional photographer to capture the images for you.
  1. Architects: When people engage architects to build them their home, they usually want something that bit special, or different to the norm. Therefore, professional photographs showing the exterior of the build, with its surroundings, including close-ups and wider shots is important to add to that bespoke, exclusivity that your clients will be looking for.
  1. Landscape gardeners; gardens are harder to photograph than you might think. The terrain can be difficult, the background not quite right, the lighting all over the place. Employing someone to take images from different angles, at different heights, and levels can help your landscaping stand out from those landscapers who take quick shots on their phones. This can be done in partnership with you to highlight those designs or parts of a design which you feel capture your skills and expertise.

You may not have exactly the same business as some of these above, but you will possibly be able to make a connection with some of the things I’ve set out. If so, then investing in professional photographer will help you stand out from your competitors.

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