This year has passed by unbelievably fast, and I can’t believe how much I’ve managed to fit in.  I hope next year continues in the same vein.

  1. My photography year has been quite diverse in terms of what I have photographed:
    1. People – headshots, team shots, portraits.
    2. Interior and exterior – AirBNB, landscaped gardens, working farms.
    3. Products for both e-commerce and catalogue products.
    4. A number of very high value sculptures – which have sold because of the quality of my photographs. One particular favourite sculpture was a life-size flying kite by Matt Duke at the Cotswold Sculpture Park, and because the sun was too strong, I had to have an assistant to hold diffuser sheets, because of its strength.
    5. Animals – pets and farm animals
    6. Marine photography
  2. I have also started to take some video for a long standing client, using green screen and special effects, using the programme, DaVinci Resolve (used in Hollywood), Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects (also used in Film Studios).
  3. This year I also started work with professional drone pilots at Sims Parker and Kidd, which has added another completely different dimension to my photography. I’ve been able to add views to my clients’ photoshoots, providing them with an enhanced visual experience.
  4. In July I celebrated 15 years in business, which I’m very proud of, particularly in today’s climate. Photography isn’t just my business – it’s my passion, and even when I’m not working you’ll find me out and about taking photos. I love travelling around the countryside and coastal areas looking for the images I want to capture. This year I went to Speyer in Germany, where I photographed on my travels there and back, stopping in Mannheim, Liège and between Dunkirk and Ostend, where I was train-spotting.
  5. I have recently added an option to buy prints on my website.
  6. After a slight delay I am still working towards my next level (Associate) with the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), which I hope to achieve next year.
  7. As I mentioned in one of my blogs this year, I regularly donate platelets and plasma, and this year I’ve donated 380.  Platelets help blood to clot and stop bleeding, and plasma, carries out several functions, including transporting cells and vital proteins to enable blood to clot and fight disease. I have a blood type that is needed.

Looking forward to 2023!

  • I am looking to expand my video client base
  • I am looking to expand drone photography and videography with professional drone pilots at Sims Parker and Kidd
  • I hope to publish my Scotland Tours and other photos in journals and magazines.